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Group Management software that offers dramatic efficiencies in event and group management. Track and manage Classes, Sports and Social events with the powerful and flexible Gems Brain software.  Save valuable time and resources when you get Gems Up Group Event Management Software and go Beyond Connected.

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maximize your time

Sports participation in the U.S. has reached an all-time high. Sports can positively impact youth and adults in a healthy environment, making each moment count. 

Many of the same group scheduling needs found in education are part of managing sports. Teams, groups, leagues and even facilities can all be managed, tracked and accessed through the GEMS SPORTS software. Are you a coach? You can track each athlete separately or add a filter to sort and select attributes you want to see and manage. Are you a trainer? Sign up and scheduling are a snap with GEMS SPORTS reducing phone calls and paperwork so you can focus on what you do best.

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With GEMS LOCKER, each coach, manager, trainer and athlete gets their own GEMS SPORTS digital "locker". Having a personalized locker makes it easy to stay on top of all upcoming events. Your locker becomes your secure online profile and includes your personalized practice, game and event schedules and your overall data repository.  Manage all of your individual and team schedules, invite members, compare statistics, and communicate with anyone within your sports organization. Members can personalize their locker with a photo, add themselves to an event of choice, download schedules, & even review and analyze video.


grow your sports business

The fastest way to grow your sports business is a with a robust, seamless signup and payment system for your customers. Nothing frustrates them more than confusion about where and how to sign up and pay. With GEMS SPORTS you can say goodbye to paper lists, paper checks, the stress of waiting for payment and the headaches of rescheduling. GEMS SPORTS has harnessed powerful and flexible online scheduling tools to reduce your administrative burden. GEMS SPORTS has also partnered with the #3 top financial services company in the U.S to assure your financial transactions are secure, accurate and fast. Focus on your passion and leave the rest to GEMS SPORTS

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Efficient and organized

GEMS CLASS keeps groups organized and beyond connected. Our integrated software allows you to create unlimited classes with simple member sign-up, full scheduling control and an integrated payment capture feature for class, membership or registration fees.

GEMS CLASS gives site administrators the communication tools they need plus the ability to apply any number of filters to help organize data and communicate easily.

Whether your organization offers individual training, small workshops, whole courses or large symposiums, your GEMS CLASS portal will be an indispensable scheduling and experience optimization tool. Users enjoy seamless registration, easy payment and access to an individualized online "locker" where grades, rankings and other valuable feedback is available.

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Planning a successful event is all about the data.  How many attendees are you inviting?  How many deserts do you need to order?  Who has paid in advance?  Will you need to prepare for overflow seating?  There is a lot you need to know and GEMS UP one-stop solution keeps track of it all. Perfect for churches, charities, clubs and businesses of all types and sizes.



From one day engagements to multiple events, our system was created to give you flexibility throughout the event management process.  Screen participants using custom filters, including group seating, special dietary needs and notifying participants of event changes.



GEMS UP allows you to easily collect donations using its’ built-in credit card processing and payment capture solution.  GEMS UP has partnered with the #3 Fastest Growing Financial Services company in the U.S. to assure that your financial transactions are delivered in a fast and secure environment.  Donors will appreciate the intuitive, easy to use, interface while you receive custom alerts and summaries.  GEMS UP helps remove the barriers to your events success and puts all of the information you need right at your fingertips.

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The next best step is sending us an email or giving us a call to schedule a demo. We can quickly show you how GEMS UP works along with a few real-life applications. Once you see GEMS UP in action, we think you'll see why we are so excited about this all-in-one integrated group event management product. No event is too big, No event is too small. You are going to love the flexibility and simplicity of the GEMS UP platform.

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